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AniManGaki 2017

Sep 23,2017

AniManGaki, one of the biggest events of Japanese Pop Culture in Malaysia, has been successfully held on 19th and 20th August 2017. 

Myethos was honoured to be introduced by Hobby & Collectibles Community (HCC) to be a part of this convention. 

We assisted HCC to exhibit four pieces of works at the event. The overall setup, diorama sets and posters of the booth were wonderfully decorated by HCC. They have also invited a lovely guest to cosplay as Queen of Hearts.


Myethos Booth decorated by HCC

 01 (2).jpg

Figures with specially designed dioramas



 ▲VOCALOID4 Library Stardust: 1/8 Figure collaborated with Quadimension. Released in July 2017.


 The Legend of Sword and Fairy - Zhao Linger: 1/7 Figure collaborated with Softstar Technology. Released in May 2017.


Gurren Lagann - 1/8 Nia Teppelin Wedding Dress ver. Released in January 2017. We decided to choose the wedding dress model which only appears for minutes in the anime because we cherish the hope to freeze that moment of happiness when making the sculpture of Nia. HCC prepared the diorama set to reconstruct the scene, which made fans feel like they were right there at that moment.




-Another- Queen of Hearts: the latest piece from FairyTale series. Released in October 2016. 

The dioramas designed by HCC perfectly matched the illustration, bringing fans unique three-dimension visual enjoyment.


 A picture of lovely Cosplayer BaoBao as Queen of Hearts at Myethos Booth.

Facebook page of BaoBao: https://www.facebook.com/baobaocosplayer

Her post on Queen of Hearts: 


The photos of Queen and Stardust taken by two figure collectors have been awarded on the collector website https://myfigurecollection.net :



Has been awarded  “Picture of the day” , 22th August 2017.

Photographer: Brian Chong



Has been awarded  “Picture of the day” , Aug 11, 2017

                                “Picture of the week” , Aug 06, 2017 - Aug 12, 2017

                                “Picture of the month” , Aug 2017

Photographer: Kay Stevenson



We appreciated the opportunity given by Hobby & Collectibles Community to participate this wonderful event for ACG lovers. 

If you want to know more information about HCC, please check their Facebook page: 



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